Where did my brain go?

imageThis is the third time I have written this post. I am not joking. The first time I forgot to save the draft. The second time I hit “new post” instead of “publish” and POOF it was gone. Fortunately this post is about my incurable case of baby brain so the scenario lends itself nicely to my story.

I used to be a smart person. Back in my P.B days (Pre Baby) I could do things just once in a competent fashion. I knew why I walked into rooms, I put things back in places where I could find them again. I always knew baby brain was a thing but I assumed it went away post birth. This is not the case. I strongly suspect that when I gave birth to our beautiful son half of my brain popped out after him and after 7 months of this I don’t think it’s ever coming back. I now have an IQ of 5 and the memory of a goldfish with Alzheimers.

It’s the simplest things that I really struggle with. For example trying to pack the nappy bag to go out. Hugh and I have an outing once a day so I pack the nappy bag in the morning full of everything I need. I noticed we were low on nappies so I went upstairs to get some. All normal except that I had to up and down 4 TIMES before I got the damn thing! I don’t have a big staircase, it takes less than 1 minute to climb it and yet in that one minute the reason for going up completely leaves my mind. On the first go I ended up straightening the bed, second time I opened the bedroom window to let some air in. Third time I actually went into his room (getting warmer) but just ended up getting his outfit ready for the day and turning off the music he sleeps to. The worst part is that every single time I got back downstairs I was like “oh yeah, nappies” and turned around and went straight back up!

The fact I even remembered nappies is a miracle. I have gone out without nappies and wipes before. Just a small trip out to get some much needed caffeine so I decided to downsize from the Tardis (my usual nappy bag) and just take enough supplies for one nappy change. Smart right? That’s right, I’m an ideas woman!

Got into town and realised Hugh had wet his nappy. Cue mental high fives all round for bringing nappy and wipes. I’m such a smart Mum. The self congratulations ceased once I had tipped my handbag upside down and realised that my carefully crafted “nappy to go” package was still sitting on the kitchen table. Put the pants back on my son and went to Coles. Bought nappies, wipes and oh look, baby foods on sale and we need some bananas… what a successful shop. Wait for the lift for 5 minutes to go back upstairs to the parents room, get Hugh’s pants off and pull out a nappy and get the……. the wipes? Starting to lose my cool a little bit. Where the f$&k are the WIPES????? Downstairs. At the checkout where I left them. Again. I had two options at this point. Option 1 was to go back downstairs again and get them. I went with option 2 – put the pants back on my son, left him in his wet nappy and went and got my coffee. I’m not proud of what happened but I had just reached that point where it was too hard now and I quit.

I have put pantry items in the fridge, milk back in the pantry, gone to the shops 3 times to buy one (usually crucial) item and then my top pet hate, been unable to complete sentences because I can remember basic……. oh yeah, words.

As I write this I have just remembered I need to pack some bottles and formula before we go out. If you’ll excuse me, I’d better go and start the half hour process of going forwards and back from the kitchen before I remember what I’m in there for now.



Things I have loved this week:

The library! Buying books while I’m on Maternity leave has been costing me a fortune so bring on the fabulous and free library! Plus with their E-books range I can borrow new books on my iPad without even leaving the house.

Corn! Following on from last weeks post I have discovered Hugh loves corn. Adding it to food has suddenly made him appreciate Mummy’s cooking and makes me feel like I’m suddenly the Nigella Lawson of baby food.

IKEA Bevara clips! Not only are they handy around the house but if you put them in a ziplock bag they are a fun, noisy, colourful toy for the little person in your life.



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