The bedroom has fallen

Dear Reader, 

What you see here in this picture of yellow, navy and white, is not a picture of a navy and white towel strewn across the end of our bed but a picture of surrender. After 12 months, the bedroom, sadly, has fallen. 

Heralded as the last non Hugh domain in our household I have fiercely tried to protect its sancity with all toys and books being kicked out as they are found abandoned on the floor. That was our space. Our space to be adults, to have nice bed linen, to leave slightly dangerous things on our bedside tables. Alas this is no more.

The stripe towel has been placed over our quilt cover as Hugh is slightly too big for his change table and is now being changed on our bed more often than not. In short, Tim and I now sleep on a giant expensive, Country Road covered change table. The towel is a bit of a useless attempt to protect the bed from any unexpected accidents in the 5 second danger zone when the first nappy comes off but before the new nappy goes on. 

On the upside, we won’t be having any more kids soon as nothing kills the mood more than the lingering scent of your current offsprings latest nappy in and about the marital bed. 

I am looking forward to finding a new baby free sanctuary in our home. Options are running low but I think the downstairs powder room is yet to be touched by Hugh hands. I’ll be enjoying the adultness of a grown up room in there if anyone needs me.


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