The line between low and no…

Today’s post was prompted by a trip to the shops today. Not that remarkable really, I do it quite a bit. As I cruised around Westfield I happened to catch site of myself in a window and I realised that it was 3pm and not only had I not put make up on,I had also not brushed my hair or put any thought into my appearance at all. I fear I have officially crossed the line between low maintenance and no maintenance.

When I had Hugh I knew that the days of going everywhere in heels and a full face of makeup carefully applied were probably over, but I had convinced myself that I could become one of those stylish low maintenance Mums that you see on Instagram. You know the ones I mean, no make up but fresh faced, jeans and a t-shirt or work out gear but all colour coordinated and not dragged out of the washing basket then sniffed to ascertain cleanliness. I manage to pull myself together for work but on weekends you can bet your bottom dollar that what I’m wearing is whatever is clean (or can be passed as clean) and within reach. If makeup isn’t on by 8am it’s probably not happening at all and the chances of any hair brushing are slim to none. And don’t even get me started on how blasé I have become about shaving my legs.

For the first time in 7 months I am booked in to get my hair cut (seriously) and I must admit the no maintenance lifestyle I have fallen into is making a style selection tough. My requirements include

  • Should not require regular brushing
  • Must not require any upkeep (eg trims more than once a year)
  • Must be able to be tied back (top knot preferable)
  • Must be able to cope with not being washed for one to two weeks at a time as sometimes I forget.

As you can see this list somewhat narrows down my options and removes some of the more fashionable cuts I like on my ever growing Pinterest board. Unfortunately I have also taken a shine to the enemy of the low maintenance Mum, the fringe. Even in my maintenance hey day the fringe was my hair nemesis. I so desperately craved one but would regret the upkeep almost immediately. It got to a point with my last regular hairdresser that I had to make her promise never to cut me one even if I asked for it.

When the momentus haircut day comes I can see one of two situations happening. The first is that I will completely chicken out and ask for a small trim on the current mop and that’s it. The second is I can see myself losing my senses and leaving not only with a fringe but some sort of edgy hair do and intense colour that requires weekly upkeep that will never fit into my no maintenance lifestyle.

It’s a tough situation.

I am hoping the haircut will provide some maintenance motivation for me. I’ll never be ‘low maintenance’ Mummy but maybe I can start with a commitment to wash and brush my hair on a more regular basis. It’s not much but it’s progress.


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